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One touch of nature
A new album of beautiful and evocative songs inspired by the natural world, composed or arranged by Jane Harris

Full of gorgeous harmonies
and beautifully blended voices

Jane Harris Voice, violin, recorder, low whistle
Ed Bersey | Clara Atkins | Tim Walker Voice
Eleanor Harris | Julia Williams Voice
Jennifer Crook Harp | Giles Coker Tenor guitar

CDs and songbooks also available

Quite exquisite – light in the darkness
All the songs have a beautiful timeless quality…
Crystalline purity of sound…
Stunning… a work of art…

£10 Album download (MP3s)

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One touch of nature
Songs inspired by the natural world composed or arranged by Jane Harris

Full of gorgeous harmonies and beautifully blended voices


Everybody needs beauty was one of my first songs – a hymn to nature including conservationist John Muir’s words. The music is adapted from a Baptist hymn.

May you find a place came to me as I played Ivan Drever’s tune The Rose of St Magnus on my violin at the top of the Old Light on Lundy.

In the beauty of the world was my response to reading The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry.

Be free is dedicated to my daughter Eleanor who was there when the song began to emerge at the top of Lundy Old Light. The lyrics quote from Shakespeare – one touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

The Celtic song trio is a setting of Julie Tonkin’s lyrics about the spirit of working. Each song includes a Celtic phrase: Breton Hep skoazell trevell single-handed endeavour – Cornish Kescana kescolon to sing together with one accord – Welsh Ymddisgleirio to shine forth.

I sang I will go with my father a-ploughing to my children when they were small – an Irish poem by Joseph Campbell set to the tune The Maids of Mourne Shore. I was touched to discover that my dear dad’s recorder combined perfectly with Jennifer’s harp.

May you go well draws on the words All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well from Julian of Norwich.

Layer upon layer of memories is a song of gratitude.

When I leave this world evokes images from nature and is based on the melody A’ bhean ionmhainn / The beloved wife by Blair Douglas.

I am thrilled to have recorded my first album… Heartfelt thanks to Ed Bersey of Sylvafield studios for making it such a rewarding and creative experience. Thanks too to Ed, Clara, Tim, Eleanor and Julia for your wonderful voices, to Jennifer and Giles for your beautiful playing and to Joshua for his stunning photograph from Shetland which forms the album cover. Thanks also to Julie Tonkin for the Celtic Song Trio lyrics, and to Ivan Drever and Blair Douglas for kind permission for their tunes.

Tunes used with kind permission: The Rose of St Magnus by Ivan Drever and A’ bhean ionmhainn / The beloved wife by Blair Douglas

Recording, mixing & mastering by Ed Bersey |

Image by Joshua Harris | 

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