We were thrilled to host Windborne for the first time in Bath, fresh from their hugely successful US tour.

Stunningly powerful vocal harmony… Windborne sets a new bar for folk harmony singing today

Spectacularly good, utterly brilliant…

The best musical discovery of the year

More than 55 singers gathered from far and wide for the workshop at St Luke’s Church. We were treated to a phenomenal day’s singing, with exceptional teaching by Jeremy, Lauren, Lynn and Will. They taught songs from their American roots, songs of protest and freedom from their album Song on the Times and folk songs from Lithuania, South Africa and Corsica, collected on their travels. To round off the day in style, we became the audience and Windborne performed a set of their wonderful songs for us.

An exceptional day all round

Extraordinary range of songs and styles, superbly taught

We look forward to their return visit to Bath in 2019. Please join our mailing list to ensure you receive details.

Windborne specialize in close harmony singing, shifting effortlessly between dramatically different styles of traditional music. Their musical knowledge spans many continents and cultures but they remain deeply rooted in American folk singing traditions.

Praised for the purity of their voices, strength of their material and attention to detail in their arrangements, Lauren, Lynn, Will and Jeremy share a vibrant energy on stage and in their workshops. Their connection to each other and to the music is clearly evident. They educate as they entertain, telling stories about the music and explaining the characteristics and stylistic elements of the traditions in which they sing.


Lynn and Will Rowan have been teaching and performing together for over ten years. Having traveled all over Europe learning traditional polyphonic music from master singers, a deep love and understanding of harmony infuses everything they do. They teach regularly for Village Harmony and Revels North, and have performed around the world as musical ambassadors for the US with Windborne. Lynn and Will are passionate about teaching music, and have taught singing workshops on four continents. Their energetic teaching style focuses on using your natural voice to sing traditional folk songs and polyphonic music from around the world.

Lauren Breunig sang with Village Harmony for many years and travelled with their first study program to Corsica. Since then, she has toured with Northern Harmony in the US, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, and Switzerland. She has also sung with Hallowell, a hospice choir that sings at the bedsides of individuals nearing the end of life. Currently, she works as a circus artist and teacher, performing on aerial fabric, trapeze and in partner acrobatics.

Jeremy Carter-Gordon joined Windborne in 2013, rounding out the group with bass notes and more banjo. Jeremy holds a MA in dance anthropology, and is a bit of a dance nomad, from studying Swedish folk dance at the Erik Sahlström Institute in Sweden to traveling across Europe on a Watson Fellowship, collecting sword dance traditions. He is well-known in the folk music and dance community for his singing and dancing, has toured Europe performing with Northern Harmony, and has taught traditional music and dance on five continents.