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Why sing?

Singing makes you feel good

Singing has proven health benefits: it’s good for posture, breathing and general well-being. A recent study suggests it’s even healthier than yoga. Singing – like laughter, play, sunshine, countryside and exercise – makes you feel good. Singing in harmony with others can be thrilling, heart-warming, soothing and at times deeply moving.

Enjoy the friendship and the sense of community

In Songways choirs everyone feels relaxed and welcome and sessions are fun, encouraging, joyful and uplifting. We learn songs by ear and sing in a circle, both of which encourage people to be fully engaged, listening and singing to each other. We enjoy uncovering new harmonies, sometimes adding movement and rhythm games, and we encourage people to listen in the centre of the circle, surrounded by sound, which can be a moving experience.

Discover a rich variety of songs from many cultures

Singing can open up a whole world of music. Relish the rhythms of Africa, the stillness of Taizé prayers and the joy of uplifting gospel harmonies. Discover rich and vibrant American shape-note songs and the contemplative beauty of Native American chants. Explore lyrical and evocative folk melodies and songs to celebrate festivals and the changing seasons. Enjoy new songs written by Jane and other song-writers writing for community choirs. Some songs will be familiar, many will be new discoveries.

Superb choice of songs

Uncover your voice and sing your heart out

Jane’s clear, inclusive and enabling teaching style uncovers the best in singers’ voices and draws people together with heartfelt, resonant singing. Release tension and open up your voice range, richness and resonance. Develop your breathing and posture while you sing. Enjoy the supportive atmosphere and the strong sense of shared, collaborative music making… singing from the heart.

I enjoy the sessions so much under your gentle and gifted guidance. It has been a revelation.


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